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Te Nikau accepts referrals from throughout New Zealand, from all agencies, organisations, churches, and individuals, (including self-referrals).

Every referral will be considered according to each persons' circumstances, but applicants should:

    Be personally motivated to deal with their addiction(s).

    Be willing to change.

    Be open-minded towards Te Nikau's style of programme.

In general, students (clients) will be men and women aged 18 upwards, who are really looking for a positive alternative to their life-controlling/addiction issues, and/or codependency.

(We work with people recovering from addictions/compulsions regarding: alcohol, drugs, work, gambling, cleaning, codependency, sex, pornography, [and various other sexual addictions,] relationships, nicotine, food, and more.)

Please note:

Te Nikau is unable to accept the following:                                       

    Anyone committed under the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Act.

    Anyone on Parole, or Court ordered.

    Anyone with a current diagnosis of schizophrenia, or  psychosis.

    Anyone who has convictions for arson, or paedophilia.

    Anyone currently on methadone.

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Te Nikau works with addictions in general. Nicotine (smoking) addiction is one of those, so those applying for entry to Te Nikau need to be aware that Te Nikau is a no-smoking programme. (Most who enter Te Nikau have been smokers, and they have survived!!! In dealing with addictions, dealing with smoking at the same time has benefits.)

Entry Procedure:

    We prefer a personal approach by phone, or in writing, or fax. (An agency, organisation, or individual may make initial contact with us on behalf of a prospective student.)After initial contact we will send out an information booklet, and application form.

    An interview will be arranged at Te Nikau (or by phone, if the applicant is out of the region and unable to visit).

    Once the application form is received at Te Nikau we will send two referee forms and a Doctor's (G.P.) form (which includes a blood test) to be completed and returned.

    If any other information is needed (e.g. from other medical or addiction agencies, Police record, etc.) it will be requested at this point.

    When all forms, information and blood tests are received, a decision will be made regarding entry, or referral elsewhere.

    If accepted, new students who have been using alcohol and/or drugs need to be a minimum of 3 days clean from alcohol and/or drugs, and if necessary have gone through a medical detoxification.


Most students (clients) are eligible for a WINZ Sickness Benefit. Most of that goes to Te Nikau towards programme costs. A weekly allowance for toiletries, Doctors' visits, etc. comes out of the benefit. The amount of allowance available will depend on what debts, child support, etc. each individual has.

Te Nikau does not receive District Health Board funding, so is able to take students from all regions of New Zealand.

Private payment may be negotiated by anyone not eligible for a WINZ benefit.

We look forward to hearing from you. To apply contact us at:


Te Nikau Training Centre

69 Valley Road

Paraparaumu 5032

New Zealand


Telephone or Fax:  04 902.5828

International Callers ++ 64 4 902.5828


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